[JAPAN] EA "DANTE'S INFELNO" Dante Ramen Promotion

Problem: DANTE'S INFERNO is EA's ultimate action adventure, based on Dante's "The Divine Comedy". But it's not well-known in Japan, there was an overwhelming lack of recognition. Idea: We turned ramen into a promotional medium for the first time ever. First, we produced a ramen bowl that embodies DANTE'S INFERNO's worldview. As you drink the soup, words that refer to the 9 levels of hell gradually appear. When every last drop is consumed, a QR code allowing people to access a special mobile website appears. As for the ramen itself, we produced a special ramen that embodies DANTE'S INFERNO's hell in collaboration with the hugely popular hot ramen restaurant, Nakamoto. The ramen was sold for a limited time of one month in nine Nakamoto branches. Results: As well as our event being featured on national TV and major mass media outlets and over 1,000 personal blogs and tweets. YouTube videos of the event reached 11,000 views in a month. Approximately 3,200 bowls of DANTE RAMEN were sold in a week. And finally, approximately 150,000 games were sold in the first week.

Ramen Bowl design


PR event

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