[JAPAN] MINI meets SAKURA. Campaign

For new customized MINI which launched in Japan exclusively, we took care of not only ATL communication but also even model name, car design, promotional guerrilla event as an integrated campaign. In Japan, the flower "Sakura"(Cherry blossoms) is very meaningful even though it falls very quickly. When Sakura bloom in April, we feel everything starts in that season. New grade in school, newly employees start to work. For the event, we came up with idea "guerrilla street Cheering", Harugakimasuyouni means I wish you will be in happy time soon. Sakura blooms from South to North(Kyusyu to Hokkaido), to follow this, MINI special caravan went up north.

MINI "SAKURA" car design


TVC 1 5 sec

Guerrilla Cheering Promotion Video

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