[SINGAPORE] Sony AR Style Transformation with Walkman

Brief: Sony had tasked us to help launch its latest MP3 Player – the stylish and wearable Walkman W262 – across three South-east Asian markets, namely Singapore, Thailand and Philippines. The goal was to raise product awareness and encourage product purchase amongst our key target audience, which consisted of fashion savvy and style conscious youths. Solution: To generate product interest, we held on-ground promo activation events in all three countries. At our promo events, we placed experiential Augmented Reality Screens that allowed our target Audience to transform and flaunt their styles with Walkman W262. Through the Augmented Reality screens, the youths could see themselves wearing different sartorial styles and Walkman W262 MP3 players. And as they moved from one section of the Augmented Reality screen to the other, their style transformation changed. Also, by “tapping” on the camera icon on the screen, they could capture and print out their photos. Results: Our Style Transformation Augmented Reality screen proved to be a massive hit at our promo event sites, garnering massive queues of thousands of youths who are waiting to see their styles transformed. Immediate product try-outs and sales were garnered at our on-ground Promo events in all countries. There were 19 media reviews written in a month forWalkman W262 by bloggers who attended the event. The Youtube video of our Augmented Reality event idea received over 86,445 views. Our post event product microsite also received an impressive figure of over 72,000 page views in just a month.

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